2nd Workshop on Personalization and Recommender Systems

at the 27th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems

September 4, 2023

Barcelona, Spain


Recommender systems are present in our everyday lives when we read news, log in to social media, or buy something in an e-shop. Therefore, it is not surprising that this domain is receiving more and more attention from researchers in academia as well as industry practitioners. However, the way in which they approach the same problem differs significantly.

User Modelling is somehow related to Recommender Systems, as it enables personalization, which is an essential aspect of novel recommendation techniques. Nonetheless, it is a broader topic that also encompasses user representation, personalized search, adaptive educational systems, and intelligent user interfaces.

The workshop on Personalization and Recommender Systems (PeRS) was founded in 2022 as a part of the FedCSIS multiconference. In 2023, PeRS joins ADBIS with the aim to extend the state-of-the-art in User Modelling and Recommender Systems by providing a platform where industry practitioners and academic researchers can meet and learn from each other.

Topics of Interest


User Profiles
Ontology-based user models
Personalized systems

Recommender Systems approaches

Collaborative Recommender Systems
Semantic-based Recommender Systems
Context-aware Recommender Systems
Cross-domain Recommender Systems

Machine Learning techniques for Recommender Systems

Association Rules
Clustering methods
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning

Applicationa of Recommender Systems methods

News recommendations
Tourism recommendations
Fashion recommendations
Podcasts recommendations
Medical recommendations
Other domain-specific recommenders

Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Evaluation studies
Reproducibility of existing methods
Case studies of real-world implementations


We invite research papers in two categories: full papers (up to 12 pages), and short/demo papers (up to 8 pages). Papers must be in English and present original, not already published research. Authors should consult Springer's authors' guidelines and use their proceedings templates, either for LaTeX (prefered) or for Word, for the preparation of their papers:

Springer encourages authors to include their ORCIDs in their papers. In addition, the corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a Consent-to-Publish form. The corresponding author signing the copyright form should match the corresponding author marked on the paper. Once the files have been sent to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the papers cannot be made.

Papers should be submitted in PDF format using the EasyChair Conference System. After the paper submission has been successfully completed, authors will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

Accepted papers will be published by Springer in Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS). CCIS volumes are made available to the following indexing services: Web of Science; Scopus, EI Engineering Index; ACM Digital Library; DBLP; Google Scholar.

The present registry of conferences maintained by Polish Ministry of Education and Science assigns 70 points to ADBIS as well as its workshop publications.

An extended version of the best papers will be forwarded for further procedure in Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS, IF: 1.167).

Important Dates

  • Paper submission
    May 8, 2023
  • Reviews due date
    May 25, 2023
  • Author notification
    May 29, 2023
  • Camera-ready copies of accepted papers
    June 9, 2023


Monday, Sept. 4th 2023 (A4206)session chair: Olga Cherednichenko
14:00 - 14:10Workshop opening (Adam Przybyłek)
14:10 - 14:30A Recommendation System for Personalized Daily Life Services to Promote Frailty Prevention (Ghassen Frikha, Xavier Lorca, Herve Pingaud, Adel Taweel, Christophe Bortolaso, Katarzyna Borgiel and Elyes Lamine)
14:30 - 14:45Design-focused Development of a Course Recommender System for Digital Study Planning (Michaela Ochs, Tobias Hirmer, Katherina Past and Andreas Henrich)
14:45 - 15:00Systematic Literature Review on Click Through Rate Prediction (Paulina Leszczełowska, Maria Bollin and Marcin Grabski)
Monday, Sept. 4th 2023 (A4206)session chair: Ghassen Frikha
16:00 - 16:20Overcoming the Cold-Start Problem in Recommendation Systems with Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs (Stanislav Kuznetsov and Pavel Kordik)
16:20 - 16:35Recommender Chatbot as a Tool for Collaborative Business Intelligence in Tourism Domain (Olga Cherednichenko and Fahad Muhammad)
16:35 - 16:50Neural Graph Collaborative Filtering: analysis of possibilities on diverse datasets (Dariusz Kobiela, Jan Groth, Michał Sieczczyński, Rafał Wolniak and Krzysztof Pastuszak)
16:50 - 17:05Performance and reproducibility of BERT4Rec on Netflix Price Dataset (Aleksandra Gałka, Jan Grubba and Krzysztof Walentukiewicz)

Workshop Chairs

  • Grzegorowski, Marek
    Poland, University of Warsaw,

  • Karpus, Aleksandra
    Poland, Gdańsk University of Technology,

  • di Noia, Tommaso
    Italy, Politechnic University of Bari,

  • Przybyłek, Adam
    Poland, Gdańsk University of Technology,

Program Commitee

  • Anelli, Vito Walter
    Italy, Politecnico di Bari

  • Aziz Butt, Shariq
    Pakistan, University of Lahore

  • Babič, František
    Slovakia, Technical University of Košice

  • Boratto, Ludovico
    Italy, University of Cagliari

  • Chlasta, Karol
    Poland, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

  • de Gemmis, Marco
    Italy, University of Bari Aldo Moro

  • Dessì, Danilo
    Italy, University of Cagliari

  • Durão, Frederico Araújo
    Brazil, Federal University of Bahia

  • Dutta, Arpita
    Singapore, National University of Singapore

  • Filipowska, Agata
    Poland, Poznań University of Economics and Business

  • Ge, Mouzhi
    Germany, Deggendorf Institute of Technology

  • Goczyła, Krzysztof
    Poland, Gdańsk University of Technology

  • Górecki, Tomasz
    Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University

  • Gunasekaran, Karthick
    USA, University of Massachusetts

  • Inayat, Irum
    Pakistan, National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences

  • Janusz, Andrzej
    Poland, University of Warsaw

  • Kannout, Eyad
    Poland, University of Warsaw

  • Lencastre, Maria
    Brazil, Escola Politécnica de Pernambuco - UPE

  • Liyew, Chalachew Muluken
    Italy, University of Torino

  • Luković, Ivan
    Serbia, University of Belgrade

  • Marcinkowski, Bartosz
    Poland, University of Gdańsk

  • Marras, Mirko
    Italy, University of Cagliari

  • Maślankowski, Jacek
    Poland, University of Gdańsk

  • Misra, Sanjay
    Norway, Ostfold University

  • Mohapatra, Durga Prasad
    India, NIT Rourkela

  • Mukta, Saddam Hossain
    Bangladesh, United International University

  • Ng, Yen Ying
    Poland, Nicolaus Copernicus University

  • Nguyen, Phuong T.
    Italy, University of L'Aquila

  • Nocera, Francesco
    Italy, Polytechnic University of Bari

  • Poniszewska-Maranda, Aneta
    Poland, Lodz University of Technology

  • Szczuko, Piotr
    Poland, Gdańsk University of Technology

  • Szymański, Julian
    Poland, Gdańsk University of Technology

  • Taweel, Adel
    Palestine, King’s College London/Birzeit University

  • Vagliano, Iacopo
    Netherlands, Amsterdam University Medical Center

  • Zrigui, Mounir
    Tunisia, University of Monastir

Past Workshops

1st Workshop on Personalization and Recommender Systems (PeRS@FedCSIS'22):